Premium doors

A Kensapuu Premium- foil door is a good choice for your home. The qualities of the Premium door are very competitive. Kensapuu's Premium foiled MDF door is very durable, stylish and easy to maintain. The best materials and production methods guarantee top quality of the product; that the door endures knocks and the foil is securely attached.

All the foils are of high quality. The countries of origin are Germany and Japan. All the foils are UV- and scratch protected. High gloss foils have a special protective foil which can be removed after installation.

A Kensapuu Premium door is an excellent choice because of its durability for wear. Furthermore, it has very good moisture resistance and is therefore a smart choice in bathrooms for example.

Kensapuu has a wide colour collection. You can choose form more than 30 different colours. There are both matt surface and high gloss foils.

All door models can be produced in special sizes.

Vitrin doors with MDF lattice are not available.

The backside of a door is always white melamine.