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Kensapuu - Production

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CNC milling

Kensapuu's seven modern CNC units form the backbone of Kensapuu's extensive collection.

CNC machines mill the wanted profiles on the doors using various programmes and techniques. Door models and materials of today often pose challenges for the CNC machine and its´operator. A furniture door may look simple on the surface, but has required numerous work stages already by the times it leaves CNC milling. Operators´ working days vary and involve serial production as well as programming duties when new programs are required for new door models.


Kensapuu - CNC milling

Paint shop

The strengths of Kensapuu's painting line are efficiency, steady quality and environment friendliness. During my shift, nearly a thousand doors are painted. All of them must pass strict quality controls. A furniture door goes through the painting line a minimum of five times. The front gets at least 3 layers of paint and the back at least 2 layers of paint. Models which have a deep profile, may require even further layers of paint.

A painter´s job requires continuos learning as requirements for the finish of the surface become higher and the door profiles even more challenging.


Kensapuu - Paint shop

Production of Premium doors

New foil colors are introduced to the market on a regular basis. Wemhöner membrane press enables the use of thick quality foils, which in turn means that customers have a wide range of options to choose from. Foils are manufactured in Germany and Japan where environmental requirements are strict.  

The foil is "vacuumed" to the blank door with the help of under pressure and high temperature. Membrane pressing ensures the foils sits in place tight.


Kensapuu - Production of Premium doors


Packing is the final, yet one of the most important stages of a door´s journey at the factory. It ensures that shipments reach customers correctly and fully intact. A packer has to pay a special attention to packing instructions as they vary between different customers. Accuracy as well as speed is required from a packer. Packing materials and methods improve all the time and the customers´requirements rise which means continuous deveploment is necessary.  


Kensapuu - Packing