Kensa Ltd. was founded in 1989 and is located in Himanka, Kalajoki in the region of Ostrobothnia, on the west coast of Finland. The company employs around 80 people and its turnover was 8,8 million euros in 2021. The focus of the company's operations is in the domestic market. However, export´s role is significant too as it constitutes 20% of sales.



During its 30-year history, Kensa has experienced many triumphs and challenges, which have shaped the family business into what it is today. The idea behind Kensa's operations has always been domestic quality, both in products and service. Environmental values are of importance to us too.

Kensa started operating in 1989 with just a few employees and manufactured MDF products for industrial use. A few years later, the move was made to the current product family i.e. the manufacturing of furniture doors. The recession of the 1990s placed heavy pressure on Kensa like it did on so many others, but after a number of exciting developments, Kensa survived and a period of steady growth began. It is a pleasure to be able to state that, today Kensa employs nearly 80 people and manufactures more than 600,000 furniture doors each year, so our handiwork is visible in many homes all around the Nordic Countries.

The future brings constant challenges, which Kensa tackles with interest. Service and logistics built around a quality product are ever more important competitive factors in the developing kitchen industry. Our own production enables knowledgeable service as well as customer specific customization of products. We wish to serve all of our customers in the best possible manner both now and in the future and we wish to remain at the cutting edge of furniture door production.

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