Quartet doors

Depending on the color Quartet doors are made out of either 18 mm melamine-faced chipboard or 19mm MDF. Matt and Forest colors' surface consist of melamine coating on top of which there is a lacquer treatment which enhances the properties of the surface and improves wear resistance. Matt and Forest colors come with a protective foil on frontside which shall be removed during installation process.

Edges are sealed with 1mm ABS -tape. Colour options for edge tape: same colour as door, aluminium or plywood. Moisture resistant PUR- glue is used.

Quartet doors are produced with a horizontal pattern as a standard, vertical pattern available on order.

Products exceeding height 1810/2050mm are produced in 2 parts using pins if pattern is wanted horisontal.  A visible seam at height 703 as standard.

Coverplates in same material are available.

 Quartet products have received the M1-label.


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