Domestic furniture manufacturer

- painted and premium MDF furniture doors and microlaminate doors


Kensapuu's all products are made using the best raw materials and the latest technology. Nearly all products can even be ordered tailor-made to special size. All painted products are available in special colors too.

There are over 30 different door models, thousands of painted color options and dozens of foil colors to choose from. Painted products are available in matt as well as in high gloss. Our painted products get several coats of catalytic paint. 

There are some high gloss alternatives even among our Premium Foil Color Range.  Kensapuu's Premium Foil Range has received the M1 certificate which symbols low emissions in products and therefore improve better indoor air quality. Kensapuu uses only tested and approved raw materials. Products from Kensapuu's Premium Foil Range are an excellent choice not only to kitchens but also to wet spaces such as bathrooms and utility rooms. Premium foiled doors have a long life span due to the fact that the structure of the door is tight-knit and has no apparent seams as such which means it is well protected against moisture. Premium foiled doors are a good choice also to summer cottages in which temperatures may vary.

Quartet microlaminate doors in various colors are avalilable from us too as are post form high pressure laminate doors in white and in grey.









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