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- painted and premium MDF furniture doors and microlaminate doors

Premium doors

Material: MDF (Medium Density Fibreboard) is made from homogeneous wood fibres and glue, bonded under heat and pressure. Kensapuu uses board that meets the E1 standard.

Finish: PVC foil. Thickness 0.4–0.6 mm. Countries of origin: Germany and Japan

Kensapuu's Premium product group has the M1 certificate for low-emission levels and better indoor air. The features of the Premium door range make them very competitive. Kensapuu's Premium doors are durable, easy to look after and impressive. The best raw materials available on the market together with our manufacturing process ensures that the doors resist impacts well and that the foil remains in place.

All foils are of high quality and are produced in Germany and Japan. Foils of all colours have UV protection and a protective layer to prevent scratches. High-gloss Premium doors also have a thin protective film on the surface, which should be removed after installation.

Kensapuu's Premium door is the ideal solution for demanding environments due to its durability. We also recommend doors with a foil surface for moist environments.

Premium doors come in a wide range of colours; you can choose from more than 30 patterns. Premium colours include both matt and gloss options.

All Premium models can be made to customers' specifications.

The reverse side of the doors is always white.

The doors meet the requirements of the SFS, EN and DIN standards for furniture doors.

The temperature resistance range for the foiled doors is between -40°C and +80°C, temporarily even more than +100°C.

Furniture doors can be installed in cold spaces, but not in spaces where the temperature drops below -40°C