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- painted and premium MDF furniture doors and microlaminate doors

Quartet and laminate doors


Quartet doors are made of 19 mm melamine-faced board made in the EU.

The edges are protected by 2 mm ABS edging tape.

Quartet doors are produced with a horizontal pattern as a standard, and vertical patterns can be made to order.

The edging tape is available in the door colours and aluminium.



Laminate doors are made of 18 mm board with 0.5 mm high pressure laminate on both sides. The base is P3 moisture-resistant chipboard.

The edges are protected by 2 mm ABS edging tape.

The laminate door with the folded edge only comes in standard widths.

The colours are white F1009 and grey F7927.

The edging tape is the same colour as the door.

A high pressure laminate door is an excellent solution for public spaces or rental premises due to its durable surface structure.